How to buy / shipping Unik-Science kit

Choice of product and registration

If you have already taken an eye on all the DNA artwork models that we offer you, now you only have to select the you preferences: design, genes, material and size and finally add it to the shopping cart.

You can check your purchase at any time by clicking on the "my order" button, change the chosen product and then give the "update my cart" button, remove it from the shopping cart with the "delete" or "continue buying" button.

If you have a discount coupon or gift voucher you must enter the code of the same in the tab "gift code / discount code" and deduct that amount or percentage of the total of your purchase.

When you are clear the design of the product you want, click the "buy" button and two things can happen:

• If you are already registered in our page you will only need to enter your email and password. With this you can follow your order at all times until the reception of the same.

• If you are not registered you will be able to do it at the moment, but quiet is a very simple process where you just have to enter some personal information and you will not lose the selected products. In this process you will be registered for future orders and also you can benefit from promotions, offers and at the same time know the status of your order at all times.

You can also place your order without registering by entering a contact email and a shipping address only.

Order review

Once your order is running you will have the summary of your purchase with the total price of the purchase including taxes (if applicable according to the shipping address), and you will have the option "edit my cart" in case you want to add or modify a product.

In the next step you should read and mark "I have read and accept the general conditions of contract, privacy policy and data protection" and then give to the button "make purchase" where you will finish the payment process.

Finally, a page will confirm the correct processing of the order and will show the number assigned to it. The purchase process is over and in less than 24h you will receive in your e-mail the confirmation of receipt of order with which we will begin to realize your exclusive work of genetic art.

Shipping DNA collection kit

All began with the DNA collection kit that you will receive in 3-5 working days if the address you specify it. If the shipping address is outside of Spain it will take 4-8 working days.

 DNA kit

The DNA kit that you receive will carry a code that will be the one that identifies from beginning to end your work of genetic art.

Read carefully the instructions included in the collection kit and then do DNA extraction from the inside of your cheek. If more than one person participates in your order, you will receive a cotton swab (cotton scraper) for each person.

Send us the cotton swab with your DNA sample in the padded envelope that would be attached inside the kit.

Important information: we will not do any work if you send us cartons marked with a name or personal data, as the sample must be anonymous. In this case, the contract will be considered null and we will contact you to request new samples or proceed with the complete cancellation of the order.

As soon as we receive your sample, we will begin to create your exclusive Unik-Science order according to the characteristics selected. You will receive an email confirming the reception of the sample and another when your order is finished and ready for by shipping.

If you have any questions we can review the whole process together and solve your doubts in more detail in the email:

Certificate of authenticity of your genetic work and report

Your artwork and report will be identified with the same code that you received in the DNA collection kit, accompanied by an exclusive certificate of authenticity and the real image obtained in the laboratory so that you can appreciate the conversion of the same to the final design .

Information and consultation about your order

If you have made the purchase by registering as a customer, you can see the status of your order in "my account". Once the identification data has been entered, detailed information about the orders placed on our website, the date of purchase, the status of the orders in progress, the detailed composition of the orders will be displayed, etc.

If you have any questions about your order you can contact us at: info@unik-science.comproviding your order number.

Unik-Science liability in case of damages

Unik-Science shall not be liable for damages caused by samples not conforming or contrary to the legislation in force. It is considered that the applicant has the consent of the participants and failing that, the client assumes all the responsibilities that may derive from such genetic sampling.

In case of an incorrect collection of samples, Unik-Science may require you to send a new sample by default in the collection or insufficient amount of DNA in it. If this happens we will contact you. The customer has included in the purchase price a second sample at no cost. However, if we receive a second sample without analyzable DNA, the cost of the third sample will have to be borne by the customer.

Unik-Science will not proceed to pay compensation nor will it be responsible for any losses, damages or consequences that may result from the samples sent or from the genetic artwork and reports themselves.

Unik-Science disclaims all responsibility for the damages incurred to the customer or third parties for the delay of delivery.

Our products have no medical or legal validity. The artistic representations of Unik-Science only have esthetic value and the reports of predisposition only show tendency, they are in no case a diagnosis.