1- How do I get my DNA?

Example: You only have to rub a swab on the inside of your cheek. From this sample of buccal epithelial cells the DNA is extracted. Using Molecular Biology techniques we obtain the pattern of bands that will be represented in the Genetic Profile box and will serve as the basis for the elaboration of the report.

      2- Is there an age limit for obtaining a report or a UNIK-SCIENCE work?

Not at all

     3- What exactly is the UNIK-SCIENCE report?

It is a report of genetic predisposition in which the DNA fragments analyzed, based on scientific articles, with certain aspects that define the personality of the human being are related.

     4- Does the UNIK-SCIENCE report have medical or forensic value?

No. It is a genetic predisposition report, it is not a diagnosis. What determines the way of being of a person is not only marked by the genetic component, but other factors such as the environmental one also have great relevance.

     5- Can I only buy the report?

 Yes. Unik-Science offers you the option to buy only the report, without an artwork but a raw image obtained in the laboratory from your DNA.

     6- What is the value of a UNIK-SCIENCE work?

Beyond the artistic value, being made of DNA has a double added value: it contributes information and is unique. Each UNIK-SCIENCE work is born of a person and each person is unique.

     7- Can there be two equal pictures?

No. Regarding the analyzed genes it would be possible for two people to match, but to avoid this option we process the DNA in one of the columns in a random way. Thus there will never be any pattern that repeats itself.

     8- Can I order a report or a picture for another person?

Yes, it is very easy. You just have to place the order doing a selection of the genes and choosing your design, and then we will send you the DNA extraction kit and the results (DNA report only or together with the artwork) to the address you provided

     9- Can you make a report or a table for several people?

Yes. Unik-Science offers you several options:

·       You can select a report / table that will include 8 genes analyzed.

·       You can make a report / table for two people, with 4 genes for each one.

·       You can contact us if you want to include more than two people or a custom design.

     10- Can I request a new design?

Yes. You just have to contact us through the email

     11- Can I use a personal photo to combine it with my genes?

Yes, as long as you meet the conditions specified in the image quality web that are: min 300 dpi resolution and in jpg, pdf or tiff format.

For more information regarding this point you can contact us through

     12- What is the privacy policy?

 DNA samples are assigned an alphanumeric identification code with which to work permanently. The data of the client will only appear in the certificate that accompanies the work of art and will be guarded in the database of the laboratory in charge of performing the genetic analysis, which complies with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data.

     13- What happens to my DNA once analyzed?

 Once the customer has received your order, after a period of 30 days the DNA is destroyed.

     14- What is the delivery time?

 Once the DNA is received, the delivery time of the product is 4-5 weeks. For more information about shipments do not hesitate to know our shipping policy.

     15- In the future, if I want to know my predisposition to new genes, will I have any advantages as a former client?

 Every old customer has a 10% discount for new orders. This discount will not be cumulative with other offers.

     16- What makes a UNIK-SCIENCE work different from similar works?

 Unik-Science-Science is the first company to make pictures from a portfolio of genes, not simply DNA, not only offer a unique work, but also offer a genetic predisposition report that will allow you to discover a piece of your essence.